BCA Summer Camp planning

If you don’t have fun during the summer months, when will you? That’s why at the BCA Summer Camp we make sure that, in addition to being fully immersed in the English language, students have a blast. Some of the activities on the agenda are weekly excursions to 360Extrem or to Andorra’s Bowling and Karaoke Lounge, as well as daily workout and outdoor activities. We also offer daily English classes aimed at improving students’ spoken fluency.

The BCA Summer Camp is a weekly day camp which takes place the first four weeks of July (from the 1st to the 26th). Each week is a new experience, so students may enroll for multiple weeks.

Who can sign up?

The BCA Summer Camp is open to all students born between 2007 and 2021, both for current BCA students, as well as those from other schools (either in Andorra or abroad). Groups are formed factoring in students’ levels of English and ages.

Planning Mimi Camp​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Planning General​​​​​​​

360Extrem & Bowling Lounge Andorra

The weekly excursions are, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the week.

During weeks 1 and 3, students go to 360Extrem, Andorra’s thermal spa. There, the younger students enjoy a stay at Likids and the older ones go to the general Thermoludic area, accompanied by the Summer Camp staff.

During weeks 2 and 4, students go to Bowling Lounge, Andorra’s leading freestyle center. There, students learn how to do jumps and flips on trampolines, take skateboarding lessons and work on their gross motor skills. 

Planning for Young Learners

Students born between 2019 and 2021 work on a weekly book-based theme (e.g. The Very Hungry Caterpillar or The Three Little Pigs). This group’s activities include daily workshops (cooking, experiments and yoga), crafts and outdoor activities.

During most of the day this group is split up into 2 subgroups, according to the students’ ages.

General Planning

Groups of students born prior to 2018 follow a similar planning, but the students are split up into groups factoring in their ages and levels of English. The age ranges of the groups are approximately 6-8, 9-12 and 13-16.

Each day we run the following 3 sessions:

A daily English lesson followed by an interactive activity in English. The goal of both sessions is to improve students’ spoken fluency.


· Class + Art Techniques: We work on a variety of different art techniques.


· Class + Book Club (6-12): Interactive story-telling session.

· Class + Role-plays (13-16): We put ourselves into the shoes of others and act out different roles.


· Class + Book Club (6-12): Interactive story-telling session.

· Class + Role-plays (13-16): We put ourselves into the shoes of others and act out different roles.


· Board Game Challenges: Compete in exciting board games and sharpen your communicative and strategic-thinking skills!

Students put on their creative caps during our daily workshops.


· Lego Masters: Students are given a Lego challenge and their creations are put to the test!


· Nature Masterclass: Students connect with nature in this fun and educational outdoor activity.


·  Masterchef Junior: Hands-on and fun cooking classes where our young chefs get the chance to chop and mix their way to different yummy dishes.  


· Blindfolded Video Games: Students put their communication skills to the test as they guide their blindfolded colleagues through video games.

Each afternoon students will engage in a variety of exciting, outdoor activities and sports.

Each afternoon students engage in a variety of exciting, outdoor activities. 

· Let’s Get Wet: Get ready for a bunch of water activities! Water gun fights, water slide races, bouncy water castles and outdoor trampolines with water sprinklers are just a few of things on our agenda!

· Multi-sports & Obstacle courses: An afternoon of obstacle courses and competitions, including beach-ball volleyball, football and basketball.

· On Wednesdays, the day of the outing, the afternoon activities are calmer in nature. We tend to do crafts and play board games.

Pricing, discounts, schedules

Schedule: Activities are run between 9:00 and 16:45. Drop off is as of 8:45 and pickup is up to 17:00. 

Bus Service: The bus service is available at a 25€ per week supplement. There are two stops: in front of the Beluga Restaurant (in Escaldes-Engordany) and in front of Andorra la Vella’s La Poste.

Beluga pickup is at 8:30 and drop off is at 17:15.

La Poste pick-up is at 8:40 and drop off is at 17:05.

Pricing: The price of the full-time (8:45-17:00) option of the BCA Summer Camp is 230€ per student per week (including lunch, a snack and two t-shirts).

The part time option has a cost of 165€ (8:45-13:30, without lunch).

In the case of students born between 2019 and 2021, the part-time option is either until 12:45 without lunch (165€) or until 13:15 including lunch (185€).

Discounts: The multiple week discount is 10%, applicable as of the 2nd week. The discount for siblings is 20%, applicable as of the 2nd siblings. Discounts do not accumulate.


All those enrolled receive 2 summer T-shirts which need to be worn during the Summer Camp hours.

School Meals

Lunch is freshly cooked on-site every day at the school’s canteen. We commit to offering a varied, balanced and healthy diet. A morning snack is also provided. 

Most food intolerances and allergies are respected.


The BCA Summer Camp is run by qualified English teachers and teacher assistants, both from the British College of Andorra and Singular Acadèmia d’Anglès. 

For more information: summercamp@bcandorra.com